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Exclusive: Satin Jackets & Panama Are "Automatic" Indie Dance Bliss From Upcoming Album 'Solar Nights'

Satin Jackets will release his sophomore album 'Solar Nights' in April.
Satin Jackets

Satin Jackets

Satin Jackets and Panama have teamed up on a new record “Automatic” taken from Satin Jackets’ upcoming sophomore album Solar Nights, which we are happy to announce for the first time. The new single “Automatic” is a slow burning, indie dance record that will make you wish it were just a little warner outside.

With slow and blissful nu-disco setting the table, Panama’s soothing vocal glides over the top of this summery record about a relationship that just clicks.

"It was super cool working with Tim," explains Panama. "I remember the first time I heard 'Feel Good' via a friend at Future Classic and immediately fell in love with the vibe of it so I was stoked when the chance came up to write this track together. As soon as Tim played me the bass line, straight away I was hooked, it just really grabbed me and we quickly built the song from there!"

The idea of summer, daytime and nighttime all blending into one space is what Satin Jackets is trying to get at with this album and single.

“Somewhere on the planet, just a flight away, it's always daytime or summer. But beyond that I find day and night just blend into each other these days,” explains Satin Jackets. “We have daytime discos so you can go and party while the sun is still high in the sky, and you can go and hit the gym at night. Be it day or night, 'Solar Nights' is your soundtrack.”

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This is the second single to come from Satin Jackets’ upcoming album Solar Nights, which will be released on April 26 via Eskimo Recordings.

According to Satin Jackets, the album title “alludes to the idea that in recent years the world’s become this smaller, more inter-connected place.”

Satin Jackets released his first album Panorama Pacifico in 2016

You may have to wait another three months for the full album, but “Automatic” will be released this Friday, January 25. Stream "Automatic" below and see the complete Solar Nights tracklist.

Solar Nights Tracklist:

1. Welcome Back
2. Just Like You
3. Automatic (ft. Panama)
4. Northern Lights (ft. David Harks)
5. String It Again
6. Mirage
7. Shadow of You (ft. David Harks)
8. Primordial (ft. Niya Wells)
9. Still Not Forgotten
10. Take It From Me (ft. Emma Brammer)
11. Athena (ft. Anduze)
12. Don't Go
13. All For You
14. Through The Night (ft. David Harks)

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