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Feed Me Announces New Album 'High Street Creeps'

This will be Feed Me's first album since 2013's 'Calamari Tuesday'
Feed Me High Street Creeps

Feed Me has announced his first album under this moniker in six years titled High Street Creeps. The new LP will follow up his 2013 debut LP Calamari Tuesday.

High Street Creeps will be 10 tracks in total, including “Feel Love” featuring Roosie Doonan, which will be released on February 8. The tracklist and pre-order will also be released on February 8. "Feel Love" can be pre-saved now. A second single “Sleepless” will follow on February 15.

Feed Me hasn’t been totally silent in between albums, releasing about an EP a year (until 2018), including his lengthy EP Feed Me’s Family Reunion in 2016. In 2015, he released his debut album under his Spor moniker and then proceeded to tour on the back of that. 

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As for why it took six years for an album to come to fruition, he says that he has been amassing a lot of music, but wasn’t quite sure it was time to put it all together into the album format.

"I'd amassed a lot of material since my last album, but it took a long time for me to feel like it was the right time to do another," explains Feed Me in a statement. "My life had changed a lot since, I'd been through a lot of experiences and it felt overwhelming to try and condense a sprawling mass of feelings and ideas into a new story."

High Street Creeps will be released on February 22 via Mau5trap

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