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Flying Lotus Record Collectors Have More Diverse Musical Taste Than Aphex Twin According To Discogs Report

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Discogs has put together a measurement of how diverse various artist fan’s musical taste is. It is the Total Diversity Index (read musical diversity, not race or something else). It only analyzed five artists, Flying Lotus, Bonobo, David Sylvian, Aphex Twin and Surgeon, but found that Flying Lotus had the most musically diverse fanbase according to one metric, but Bonobo was close behind.

The whole methodology you can read on their site is a tad convoluted, but it all boils down to how diverse the artist’s collectors are compared to the mean, which is one. It is split up into small, medium, large and huge collections. It is also split up into genres and then from there, styles, which nets the Total Style Diversity Index versus the Total Genre Diversity Index. Those two numbers are averaged to get the TDI.

In the end Flying Lotus collectors have the most diverse musical taste with a 1.31 score, though Bonobo is right behind him, at 1.28 which makes sense given how diverse their music is. Sylvian is 1.22, Aphex Twin is 1.13, though his TSDI is 1.57 and Surgeon is .83, though his TSDI is 1.15.

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