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Highland Park Police Release Statement On Moodymann Arrest At Gunpoint

He was arrested on Saturday at gunpoint on his property as police were on a "proactive patrol regarding possible illegal scraping."
Moodymann Panorama Festival 2018

The dance music world was shocked yesterday when Moodymann, real name Kenny Dixon Jr., uploaded a disturbing video to his Instagram of his apparent arrest at gunpoint on his property at the hands of the Highland Park Police. According to the description from Moodymann, the incident happened on his property. The police department has released a statement to explain why they were there and what happened.

“On Saturday while conducting a proactive patrol regarding possible illegal scraping HPPD officers encountered Mr. Dixon,” says HPD via the Detroit Metro Times. “During the encounter, Mr. Dixon did not produce personal ID nor proof of ownership of the property and was subsequently arrested and conveyed to HPPD. Further investigation confirmed ownership and Mr. Dixon was released and issued several citations regarding this incident. Mr. Dixon has since met with HPPD and this matter was resolved to the satisfaction of Mr. Dixon.”

The explanation that it happened on Saturday helps to put the timeline together, since the video was uploaded yesterday during the afternoon and the incident seemed to take place at night.

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However, this doesn’t really explain why they felt the need to surround him with nearly a dozen officers, according to Moodymann, and point rifles at him. His team has not responded to requests for comment, so we are not able to get his side of the story beyond his Instagram caption.

He wrote, “HP police came [in] (MY BACKYARD) demanding proof of ownership and this is how they reacted...charged me 4 Breaking and entering on my own property even though I had keys. what u can't c is 9 other officers pointing there AR15 directly at my time just pull the MF trigger let's get this shit over with (I'm tired) I'm so tired."

The video only shows the most escalated part of the conflict, so we do not know how it got to that point. This seems like an outsized reaction by the police for a misunderstanding that could have gotten someone killed. 

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