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NAMM 2019 News: Korg Unveils 3 New Synths

A new poly synth and two new Volcas
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Today, Korg has announced three new synths ahead of NAMM 2019. The synths include a new, beefed up version of their Minilogue, called the Minilogue XD, and two new Volcas; the Volca Modular and Drum. 

First up, the new Minilogue XD takes everything that made the original so successful, an adds new features taken from the Prologue and Monologue, including the same circuitry and micro-tuning abilities with the new sequencer, and adds the most effects processing on any of KORG’s analog synths, and the innovative MULTIdigital oscillator, the Minilogue XD is the culmination of KORG’s analog technologies to date.


Next up, Korg expands its powerful Volca line with two new pocket synths, a fully analog, semi-modular called 'Modular', and a digital drum synth called 'Drum'. The Modular takes a West Coast style approach to its modulation abilities and is the first modular Volca Korg has made. The Drum is a digital percussion synthesizer focused on the creation of sounds and patterns that other drums machines simply cannot create, thanks to its physical modeling-based engine, dual-layer drum parts, comprehensive motion sequencing and sequencer tricks


Check all the intro videos below, and be sure to grab your own when they are released. 

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Minilogue XD: $619.99

Volca Modular: $199

Volca Drum: $150

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