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Leon's 2019 Artists To Watch

Leon picks his five artists to keep an eye on in 2019.


Italian DJ and producer Leon has established a strong reputation ever since breaking out about a decade ago. Taking his queues from the likes of Todd Terry, Danny Tenaglia and Laurent Garnier and getting into electronic music from ‘80s giants like Duran Duran, Talk Talk and Depeche Mode, he has since gone on to become a noted name in electronic music around the globe. He can now use his stature to help prop up other oncoming DJs and in doing so we asked him to give us some of his artists to watch in 2019.

These are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. You can pick up Leon's new EP Our Sound with Pirupa on Elrow here and listen to snippets below.

1. Whitesquare:

His music is so cool and fresh. I play always his tracks and his tracks get played by big names like Dixon, Solomon and more. He mixes great drums with percussion, melodic elements with spiritual things.

2. Dimmish:

He is underground with a swing approach. I like his style. It is very Fuse London and I love this kind of sound.

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3. Glowal: 

Italian new duo very talented. Their track on Innervisions is absolutely BOMB and I know they will have a lot more during this year.

4. Malandra Jr: 

He is a good friend, but especially he is a GENIUS. His music will be out soon on the best electronic labels like R&S, Dyinamic and Cocoon.

5. Younger Rebinds:

Fantastic artist. He makes bombs that range from Berlin techno on Klockworks Rec to electro jam on Running Back Records.

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