Mac's Garageband Will Celebrate 15 Years This Sunday

The software has been vital for some big songs over the years.
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While it may not be as heralded as some of the other music making softwares like FL Studio, Ableton or Logic, Garageband still has some disciples who use it for some pretty impressive musical feats. The music program will celebrate 15 years of existence this Sunday January 6 and is looking back on some interesting milestones for the brand.

It may not have the list of music production credentials as some other programs, but some tracks may surprise you. Rihanna’s “Umbrella” was built around a drum loop in Garageband. T-Pain made his first album Rappa Ternt Sanaga in Garageband. Steve Lacey produced Kendrick Lamar’s song "PRIDE" using Garageband in 2017.

For a blast from the past, watch the introduction way back in 2004 with John Mayer and Steve Jobs.

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