Review: Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10C

Pioneer’s top of the line headphones just got even better.
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Last year, Pioneer DJ announced their new range of DJ headphones, the HDJ-X line. Ahead of this year’s NAMM, Pioneer unveiled a special edition of their top of the line X10 headphone, the X10C, a carbon fiber, and gold plated version, for which there were only 1000 made. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a pair a week prior to the announcement, and in this updated review, we’ll quickly go over the new features. This won’t be a long piece, but it’s worth highlighting the new upgrades for those who are interested in the X10 range.

What is it?

The X10 line of headphones took Pioneer’s famous HDJ-2000 line, improved the drivers and sound quality, gave them greater durability and water resistance, and also made them even more lightweight. I noted back then that the sound quality was almost TOO good for a DJ headphone. I was also extremely surprised with how light they were for being over-ear headphones.


What’s new?

On the X10 C, Pioneer has replaced the ear cups with carbon fiber, which they said further decreased weight and improved bass response with less vibration due to the rigidity of the carbon fiber. The carbon fiber and gold plated hinges give the sleek and luxury look, like a fancy one-off sports car. Especially since there were so few made.

What do I think?

I was impressed with the regular X10s, and that still stands here. They are very attractive, and the sound is top notch. However, I’m one who prides myself with the honesty of my reviews, and I have to say that I did not notice any difference in either weight or sound in comparison to the original X10 headphones. Perhaps others will, but I can’t say that I did. I’m not even sure how much more lightweight you could even make a headphone of this size, unless you either skimp on quality materials, or use carbon fiber throughout the entire headphone, which would most certainly cost you much more than the X10 C. Speaking of which, these headphones come with a higher price tag; one that will definitely deter people from buying a pair.

Should you buy them?

If you’re looking for a pair of top of the line headphones that few people on the planet have, I would say yes. They sound and look fantastic.

Final thoughts?

Pioneer DJ has always had a knack for creating visually stimulating special edition gear, whether that be the white or gold special edition players they release, to now these HDJ headphones. The look and sound quality are absolutely on point, but does that justify their increased price point? I can’t say it does for me, but that’s not to say others would agree with me, as owning something so limited edition is quite thrilling.

Pros: look and sound amazing, only 1000 made

Cons: massive price point for DJ headphones

Final score: 4/5

Price: $599

Pioneer DJ

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