Police Share Bodycam Footage, Attempt To Explain Moodymann Arrest At Gunpoint

"I see some problems on both side,” admitted Highland Park Chief of Police Chester Logan
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Moodymann Panorama Festival 2018


Highland Park police held a press conference last week to share more details and bodycam footage from the arrest of Detroit DJ and producer Moodymann on his property. The incident first went viral after Moodymann posted a brief clip on his Instagram of several police officers surrounding him in his car at gunpoint demanding that he emerge from the car. More questions than answers emerged from the video, but we are starting to get a fuller picture of what happened, at least from the police’s perspective.

At the press conference, HP Chief of Police Chester Logan gave some background on the incident, which took place on Saturday night, January 12. He says there were issues with both parties. “I see some problems on both sides,” he admits. He goes on to use the phrasing both sides often in a way that creates an “us vs them” situation, which isn’t helpful. In the lead up to the arrest, a cop was making a traffic stop nearby assisted by another cop car. They saw someone working on a van and according to Logan “didn’t know if it was a breaking in or if it was stripping, so they went to investigate.”

As the police approach the vehicle, an officer is heard saying Dixon “may have a gun in the car.” The conversation between Dixon in his car and the officers outside of it is a bit muddled, but Dixon tells them he is doing cleaning work on his property.

The situation escalates as Dixon continues to explain he is on his own property and the cops demand he exit the vehicle. One says, “you are being hostile and we are going to take the window out and bring you out.” They start yelling at him to unlock the door and this is the part Moodymann caught on video.

Once he is out of the car, frisked and surrounded by the gun-totting, angry cops, one yells at him that he was supposed to tell them right away he has a concealed carry license (CPL). He says he was trying to “figure out what was going on” and the police “scared the shit out of me." The cops searched the vehicle and found the CPL and a handgun registered to Dixon.

Dixon explains that he was having a conversation with the initial cop, but then the next wave of police escalated the situation.

We are still waiting on some sort of a statement from Moodymann’s camp, but given how private he is, that may never come. However, given the public nature of this incident that crosses over from music, it may be good for them to try and provide a different perspective. 

You can watch the bodycam footage and press conference below, which was streamed on Facebook live.

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