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Premiere: Bentley Dean Shares Dark, Gritty "Coagulation" From Massive Mau5trap 'We Are Friends 008' Compilation

The record will be released tomorrow with the 35-track We Are Friends 008 compilation on mau5trap.

Deadmau5’s mau5trap is ready to fire up is We Are Your Friends 008 Compilation once again tomorrow, January 4 and some of the songs are starting to make their way out to the public. A heaving 35 song compilation, we are happy to premiere one of those records for you today titled “Coagulation” from Chicago’s Bentley Dean.

Dean wrote the song two years ago and has been sitting on it because there was only place for this song – mau5trap. When you listen, you will understand. The song drips mau5trap appeal with its chugging bassline, deep, growling synths and dark chords. If this was 2010 in the wild wild west of anonymous hulkshare IDs, one might be able to pass this for a new deadmau5 track.

“’Coagulation’ is the process of blood changing from liquid to a solid, or semi-solid state; it's also the best map in the Halo series,” Dean explains to Magnetic. “This track truly means a lot to me, and is by far my favorite track that I have created. ‘Coagulation' marked a point in my career where I started pushing myself creatively and producing the style music that I wanted to write and not trying to just blend in.”

Listen to the full record below and be ready for this massive compilation tomorrow, January 4, 2019. It includes songs from Enamous, Eekkoo, i_o, No Mana and others. Pre-order it here.

01. deadmau5 - Imaginary Friends (i_o Remix)

02. ASHE - Komorebi

03. ATTLAS & HolyU - Minor Rain

04. Bentley Dean - Coagulation

05. Blue Mora - Luna Rough

06. BUDD & Bluum - Square One

07. C.O.Z - Vipassna

08. Chris Waldt - Sprungus (feat. KMRU)

09. DeadSpace & C.H.A.Y. - Shaded

10. Dillon Nathaniel - Artifice

11. DkA - I'm Nothing

12. Dom Kane - Voices In My Head

13. Dusty Kid - YLAXIA

14. EDDIE - Zombie Mannequin

15. Eekkoo - Alligators

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16. Enamour - Lifeforms

17. Librae & Seismal D - Rainfall

18. i_o - 404 Anonymous

19. Kayve - Welcome to the Kayve

20. Kindrid - Dynamia

21. LUNR - Memories

22. Mariatti - Dark Loto

23. Mark Mackenzie - Surge

24. No Mana - Tell Me Most

25. OCULA - To No Avail

26. Reuben Keeney - Siren Talks

27. Rhett - Sin Again

28. Sara Landry - Bird Ghost (feat. 6058)

29. SevenDoors - Titus

30. Speaker of The House - Island (feat. Bette Miller)

31. Thin King & HolyU - Metropolitan

32. Dom Kane - Structures (Sysdemes Remix)

33. EDDIE - Healing (Julian Gray Remix)

34. Electrocado - Bogan Philosophy (Left/Right Remix)

35. Julian Gray - It Is What It Isn't (Arcadia 87 Remix)

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