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Premiere: Ronnie Spiteri Releases Atmospheric, Rolling Techno Cut 'Influence'

"Influence" will be released as part of his three-track 'Body Pulse' EP.
Ronnie Spiteri

Ronnie Spiteri

Southampton DJ Ronnie Spiteri looks to build on a very strong 2018 where he released his debut album and nabbed a residency at Do Not Sleep in Ibiza. He is kicking off 2019 right with a new three track EP titled Body Pulse on Kenja Records, set for release tomorrow. We are giving you a taste of that today with “Influence.”

The middle track on the EP, “Influence” is a deeper and more progressive cut than maybe some are used to hearing from Spiteri, but they will appreciate it. It draws on his various influences and puts them together onto one record. Spiteri keeps a strong groove going with a heavy kick and open high-hats, but it is the sputtering deep synths, echoing vocal and sweeping background fx that make the record what it is.

“Influence’ is exactly as the name suggests. I wanted to try and roll all the influences from my favorite tracks over the last 20 years into something which really represented what I’m doing as a producer right now,” Spiteri explains to Magnetic. “The result is a stripped-back, rolling techno track with trance elements to it and most importantly some nice sex vocals like they used to do in the good ol’ days ;)”

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“Influence” will be released tomorrow as part of the Body Pulse EP via Kenja Records. 

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