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Premiere: Yolanda Be Cool - 'Dance and Chant'

Yolanda Be Cool sample a 1979 classic to give it new life 40 years later.
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Yolanda Be Cool

Yolanda Be Cool

For those of you down under, it is a hot one right now. For the vast majority of us back up north it is still quite chilly, but Yolanda Be Cool wants to give some of that warmth to the whole world with their new single “Dance and Chant,” which samples Sam-Jam’s 1979 track “Dance and Chant.”

Originally scheduled to be released this past November, “Dance and Chant” was pushed back to now with the interest it garnered from international labels and a slew of DJs who have been playing this record over the past few months.

It combines some of the subtle bouncing bass lines the Aussies are known for, adding a little more into the sampled bassline, with an irresistible groove of disco guitars and horns with people shouting you to “dance and chant, keep on dancing.” The record has some sass, attitude and a whole lot of funk. They cut out a lot of the original vocal and then give it more of a electronic feel that fits 40 years later.

Yolanda Be Cool explain how they found the sample and had to change their normal sampling process to work with almost the entire song because of how good it is.

“’Dance and Chant' was a tricky track for us to make. Usually when we search for samples we are looking for one or two key elements that stand out as parts we can work with, but the original 'Dance and Chant' was all killer no filler. So we sort of had work backwards and think… what parts can we bear to lose but still make an original track,” the duo explains to Magnetic.

“So we were never going to lose that baseline. It's been sampled in some of our favorite house tracks ever that we still play out to this day. And that sax hook and the main vocal weren't going anywhere fast either. So that basically left us with being super creative with the arrangement and beefed up drums and claps for the clubs. We also added some extra vocals and worked really hard to get a unique breakdown happening that complimented and worked with all the original sampled parts.”

“Dance and Chant” will be released on January 25 via Sweat It Out. 

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