Snow Peak Introduces Ivory Pro Series To Upgrade Your Camping - Magnetic Magazine

Snow Peak has revealed the Ivory Pro Series, which introduces three new tenting options to their lineup. The tents are the Dock Dome Pro 6, the Land Station Ovory and the Hexa Evo Pro.

The Dock Dome Pro 6 is a versatile four-season tent that can open up when you need to air out your weatherproof tent. This is the more traditional tent you that covers from the ground to over your head. It costs $1799.95.

The Land Station Ivory is a large tarp that can comfortably accommodate six to eight people and serve as either a sleeping or living space. It will cost $999.55 and poles are not included.

Land Station Ivory Snow Peak

Land Station Ivory

The Hexa Evo Pro is another ivory tarp that helps tie together a campsite to cover your cooking site or place to eat. It costs $459.95 and the poles are not included.

Hexa Evo Pro Snow Peak

Hexa Evo Pro

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