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Spotify Rolling Out Feature To Mute Or Block Artists

We are looking at you R. Kelly or Datsik.


Spotify will soon make it easy to block or mute artists you don’t want to hear on the platform. The new feature is being tested on the iOS app and is titled “don’t play this artist.” It should be available to all users soon.

This means that you will prevent that artist from ever play in a library, playlist, chart list or even radio stations and automatically curated playlists on Spotify, according to The Verge.

For now, this works on an individual artist, but not when they are featured. First spotted by Thurrott, the development means you wouldn’t be able to play an artists music if you hit play. You would have to unblock the artist.

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Spotify maintains that the feature isn’t available right now and has maintained that stance since 2017, when it apparently decided against a block option after “serious” consideration.

Once this rolls out, you won’t have accidental plays of R. Kelly, XXXTentacion or Datsik, especially if someone less socially conscious decides to hijack your music. 

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