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Spotlight: A Beginner's Guide to Promoting Your Band

Digital, merch and physical music should all be a part of the strategy.
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While every band or artist is different regarding style, genre, and brand, they all have one thing in common; to reach a wider audience. This means embarking on a promotional campaign to enable you to earn new fans while making some money along the way.

There are different ways you can go about promoting yourself. Creating custom merchandise is one of the most effective ways of going about that campaign as it not only enhances your visibility but also allows you to earn money. Thus, if you are looking for advice for promoting a band, this will be an especially smart move. This article will discuss the various ways you can utilize this strategy to reach a larger audience.

1. Custom T-Shirts:

There is a reason why every successful band or musician out there has custom t-shirts; it works. Think about how willing you are to buy a t-shirt from your favorite artist. Most people are like that. If your music is connecting with the fans, they will want a piece of you. This is where band t-shirts come in.

Start by ordering a small batch of wholesale plain t-shirts, preferably brands known for durability and comfort. Assuming the band marketing budget is low on funds, aim for affordable options like Anvil. According to Anvil, these can go for less than three dollars per shirt. From there, choose an interesting and eye-catching graphic to put on the shirt, preferably with the band name placed on it as well.

This tested-and-proven strategy will allow you to promote your band’s image while making some money. Is there a better recommendation than seeing several people rocking a certain band’s apparel? Nonetheless, when customizing your band t-shirt, it is important to be creative so as to enhance its visual appeal while communicating the band’s style.

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2. Posters:

Posters are another excellent method of promoting your brand. They let your fans know where you will be performing in addition to reeling in new fans who might be interested in your music. What’s more, they are one of the cheapest promotional tools available.

3. CDs and Records:

Admittedly, CDs may not be as popular as they once were, but that does not mean that they can’t get you far. They can still hold their own and should be used as part of your promotional strategy.

The thing about CDs is that they make your music transportable and repeatable. Moreover, a fan is likely to listen to all the songs in the album rather than just their favorites. Consider burning a few CDs during your next show and see how it goes.

4. Digital:

While most folks these days don’t need to be told to use the internet to promote their band, it’s an easy factor to overlook. Simply put, there’s no denying the benefits of uploading music to YouTube and videos of shows. It helps listeners connect to your music who may otherwise never have the opportunity to do so. What’s more, the advent of digital streaming means bands can create fanbases halfway across the world simply by putting content online. In fact, it’s not unusual these days for a band to be virtually unknown in their home country but sell out concert venues overseas. This is primarily owed to the ability to share music digitally.

When looking to get your name out there, you need to explore all ways that can make that happen. However, intensive promotional campaigns are more than likely to break the bank. Customizing your merchandise, however, is a tested and proven promotional technique that has allowed many bands and artists to reach a wider audience while making money out of it. Ensure to use a reputable and reliable printing company to ensure that you get quality products.

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