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Spotlight: Musicians Who Have Battled Addictions

Addiction does not discriminate.
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Addiction doesn’t care if you’re a mother, a son, a politician, or a famous musician, it can affect just about anyone. Some people end up suffering in silence, too afraid to reach out for help. Other people are open about their struggles with addiction and their steps to recovery. Addiction claims the lives of hundreds of people a day. There are many different types of addictions, and so many are good at hiding theirs due to shame and not feeling strong enough to conquer it.

Demi Lovato:

Singer and actress Demi Lovato has been in and out of the spotlight for years for her substance abuse and mental health problems. Demi released a song titled “Sober,” which talks about how she’s no longer sober after being six years clean. The song also apologizes to her fans and loved ones for letting them down time and time again but admitting she’s only human. She has admitted to struggling with cocaine and alcohol in the past, self-medicating several times a day. She entered a rehabilitation center in July 2018 and refers to her addiction as an illness that doesn’t just disappear over time and it’s something she has yet to overcome.

Steven Tyler:

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In a July 2018 interview, Steven Tyler, frontman of Aerosmith, openly talked about his struggles with addiction. He states that it got so bad he didn’t stop even when he was hurting his family, children, and band. To him, he was so low that nothing mattered anymore. Steven said he could easily blow $5 million on drugs, especially cocaine, but eventually went to rehab in 2009, which was his eighth time in rehab. He was also a big user of opioids, which is what killed musician Prince. Since his last visit to rehab, Steven has celebrated being clean for over a decade and has been extremely open about his recovery.

Stevie Nicks:

In Stevie Nicks’ book titled Gold Dust Woman, she talks about how she battled an addiction to prescription and illegal drugs, including cocaine. She admits to using cocaine so much and so often that she had a hole in her nose and needed to be shadowed when she was on stage in case she fell. She entered rehab when a doctor told her she could suffer a brain hemorrhage and die if she didn’t stop using. She admits to still smoking marijuana but has been off cocaine for 30 years and prescription pills for 20 years.

Lady Gaga:

In a 2013 interview, Lady Gaga admitted that she needed to be high to feel creative. She was using cocaine, LSD, and smoking marijuana on a regular basis. She talked about how she was 19 she was very depressed and lonely and turned to cocaine to help ease the loneliness. She felt like her habit was her friend and helped fill the void. Lady Gaga was told by Elton John to “get sober,” and it was something she never forgot. She credits Elton John for saving her from her alcohol and drug addiction and said she’s mostly sober now.

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