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Deadmau5 Releases Score For Dull Netflix Film 'Polar'

Movie is bad, the score is good.


Deadmau5 has released his first ever score, taking on duties for the new Netflix film Polar. The film itself is dull and gratuitous, but the 40-minute score that was released on Friday, January 25, shines outside of the film.

The score is a bit less danceable than your typical deadmau5 record as his music has to mesh with the flow of the film, but it still has the warm and dark analog feel of his productions. His music comes front and center throughout the film, acting as an engine to help drive the need for revenge, violence and conquest in this film. For a score, it is shorter than your normal hour or hour and a half soundtrack, but it moves between softer piano arrangements like “chill” and then more complex and driving tracks such as “midas heel.”

The film itself is something to avoid. It at times is funny, though it isn’t clear if it meant to be or if that is just an accident. The acting from Mads Mikkelsen (The Black Kaiser) and Vanessa Hudgens could not save the movie from bad secondary acting, terrible other assassins, head-scratching writing and a plot that at times seemed to drag without end and other times sped past important points. Maybe, just maybe it will go down as a film that will gain a cultish fandom. That is the only way it can be saved.

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Pick up the score here.

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