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Teen Gets Probation For Trying To Steal Plane To Attend Rap Concert

All that for a Famous Dex concert?

Stay weird America. A teen was given probation for attempting to steal a plane to try and fly it to attend a concert in Chicago. The Texarkana, Arkansas resident tried to steal a commercial plane to attend a Famous Dex concert on July 4, 2018, but was stopped before he could attempt takeoff.

He was given five years probation after pleaded guilty to attempted theft of property and commercial burglary. The 19-year-old must pay a $1,000 fine, court costs and participate in any mental health treatment deemed necessary by the probation department. He is not allowed on Texarkana Regional Airport property while on probation according to the Texarkana Gazette.

Airport security spotted him around 2:30am hopping a fence and making his way to the plane. The 19-year-old thought flying a plane would be as simple as pulling levers and pushing buttons.

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This whole thing is ludicrous, but why go through the trouble of flying all the way from Arkansas to Chicago in a STOLEN plane just for a Famous Dex concert. Why not for someone a little bigger? I guess this guy thought he could just steal a plane and fly it like a movie. 

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