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Video Premiere: Relive Teenage Awkwardness Over and Over Again In Nasser Baker's 'Say Something' Visual

Get ready to relive some awkward moments over and over again with some kids who dress a lot better than you did.
Nasser Baker

Nasser Baker

Nasser Baker’s “Say Something” was one of the records that snuck up on people over the summer and became a bonafide club hit. The New Jersey native was introduced to Dennis Ferrer by The Martinez Brothers about nine years ago and his career really started to take off when “Say Something” popped last year. To give the track extra legs, they are releasing a video, which combines inspirations from Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Groundhog Day and a whole lot of teenage awkwardness.

The video sees the main protagonist try over and over to try and “say something” to some girl at a party, but his day keeps on getting reset, like Groundhog Day or for a newer reference, Bandersnatch.

“The video is inspired stylistically by 90’s fashion and especially the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air. Its a guy trying to get the attention of a girl he likes,” Baker explains to Magnetic. “Trying everything he can, he finds himself stuck on repeat, its groundhog day, waking up to the same situation before finding himself back at the party trying to impress the same girl.”

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It is actually a pretty good commentary on app dating in 2019 where every single date can feel the same no matter what.

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