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Watch: Gesaffestein & The Weeknd Get “Lost In The Fire" On New Collab

Taken from Gesaffestein's upcoming album 'Hyperion.'
Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd

Gesaffestein and The Weeknd have teamed up once again on a new record, this time for the Frenchman’s upcoming album Hyperion. “Lost In The Fire” bridges the gap between the two of their musical worlds of moody, sexual R&B from The Weeknd (“I just want to fuck you with the lights on” is the opening line) and then Gesaffelstein’s dark and hard-hitting techno.

Gesaffestein's all-black wearing techno-only fans may not like it, but for those who can take the elevator out of the underground will appreciate the crossover appeal and the chemistry these two have on records.

It is remarkable that seemingly the only artist that can get the two most reclusive French electronic acts around, Daft Punk and Gesaffelstein, to make music is The Weeknd. Canadians man.

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Watch the video that finds Gesaffelstein in a very dark suit that covers his entire body. Pick up the record here. Details on Hyperion are still unknown.

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