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Watch: The Chemical Brothers Bring the Rave On 'Mah,' New Album Is Finished

The pair have finished their album and released the second single. 2019 will be a good year for The Chemical Brothers.
The Chemical Brothers

Fans are still waiting on The Chemical Brothers to divulge more details about their upcoming album No Geography, but a picture is starting to emerge about the record. The band has released the second single today titled “MAH” and also in an interview with Beats 1, shared that the album was done.

The new record follows up “Free Yourself” and continues the relentless, uptempo pace. “MAH” brings the listener back to the era of acid house with a relentless onslaught of 303s and bass that is accompanied by frenzied footage from their recent show at Alexandra Palace in London. It uses an old disco sample from a play and a film called Network. The sentiment “I’m mad as hell” is found right in the song. Pick "MAH" up wherever you do that here.

In the interview, Ed Simon explained said that the new single “captures the spirit of the age. There's a bit of raw anger in there, rage... but all with a great acid riff to lift the spirits.”

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Simons also confirmed the album was finished around Christmastime, but doesn’t have a solid release date beyond the spring, which had been previously announced. He also expressed some interest at being on the Glastonbury lineup if they wanted to call. 

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