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Wu-Tang Clan Developing Horror Movie About Staten Island, Share Showtime Docuseries Trailer

Staten Island is getting a whole lot scarier. RZA is scoring the film and Ghostface is producing the soundtrack.
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Wu-Tang Clan are going all in on 25 Years of 36 Chambers. The group is back with a vengeance and unveiling a slew of new projects for the big and small screen. The group has released the trailer for their four-part docuseries titled Of Mics and Men, coming to Showtime in the spring. They have also announced a new suspense horror film Angel of Dust, inspired by the life events of the members of the rap group growing up in the Staten Island projects according to Deadline. RZA will direct and Ghostface Killah and RZA and Shaun Redick of Impossible Dream Entertainment will produce.

The series will take a deep dive into the group, their roots and what made them such a cultural phenomenon. Watch the trailer below.

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This film sounds strange, fascinating and not all that surprising. They are talking about Staten Island. The thriller focuses on a smart, yet normal teen Casey who has to grow up in the roughest inner city streets of New York (known as Shaolin Wu-Tang Clan folklore) after his parents’ mysterious death. He has to survive gangs, corrupt cops, junkies and a serial killer with potential supernatural powers dubbed Angel of Dust.

Potentially the best part of this whole venture is that Ghostface Killah and Caruso, Wu-Tang’s longtime manager will produce the soundtrack. RZA will score the film. 

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