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The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of February 2019

This month features new music from Matrix & Futurebound, Maduk, Bl4ck Owlz, and more

February may be the shortest month, but there certainly was no shortage of new tunes this month. With releases from Matrix & Futurebound, Teddy Killerz, Maduk, and more, there’s no doubt February has been an especially good month for drum & bass. Here are our fifteen favourite Drum & Bass Tracks from February.

1. Matrix & Futurebound – Got You There feat. Zelah (Metro/Viper)

No strangers to the dancefloor, Matrix & Futurebound have released yet another tease of their forthcoming album, Mystery Machine, with new single “Got You There.” Written by Becky Hill and featuring the stunning vocal talent of Zelah, “Got You There” is the vibrant and vivacious anthem we need to get through the winter months. Infectious vocals are paired with even more infectious melodies, leaving us even more excited for the release of their highly anticipated album.

2. Sustance - Fold Back (SGN) 

London based Sustance makes his SGN debut with two dark & gritty tunes -- “Fold Back” being one of them. A label dedicated to bringing lesser known producers to the spotlight, this release is a shining example of why Sustance is certainly one to watch. This minimal stepper showcases the producer’s incredible sound design, playing with moments of silence and allowing for a delicate build up of sounds throughout – simple and flawlessly executed.

3. Teddy Killerz vs. Gydra – Miles High (Neuropunk Records)

Launching their brand new label with an incredible punch, formidable Russian trio Teddy Killerz have teamed up with fellow Russian madman Gydra to give us one seriously momentous tune. Pure carnage from start to finish, “Miles High” reminds us of the absolute filth coming out of Russia, and why they should be on any drum & bass fan’s map. High-energy, eclectic, and of the highest production caliber, this collaboration has us beyond excited to hear more from the new imprint.

4. Maduk – Go feat. Lachi (Liquicity) 

Marking his return to Liquicity after releasing with Hospital, Maduk is gearing up to release a slew of new music in 2019, the first being the gloriously upbeat “Go.” As one of the masterminds behind the Liquicity label and events, Maduk’s name is synonymous with feel-good drum and bass, and this latest release is certainly no exception. Glimmering melodies and comforting vocals leave us grinning from ear to ear – there’s no better way to start the day than with a bit of Maduk!

5. Malux – Frame Shift (Get Hype Records) 

Malux joins The Prototypes’ Get Hype label with his Destroy the Machines EP this month, packed to the brim with adrenaline fueled neurofunk that is set to decimate dancefloors left and right. Our favourite from the release is “Frame Shift.” a gritty, rocket-fueled banger that takes no prisoners. Crisp, clean, creative, and completely chaotic, Malux has ticked all our boxes for an outstanding neurofunk release.

6. Camo & Krooked – Atlas (UKF) – Of course, this month’s chart wouldn’t be complete with a mention of the new Camo & Krooked single. We had a chat with them earlier this month about the track, featured as the first single off UKF’s 10 Year Anniversary compilation. No words really do it justice – Camo & Krooked have evolved their signature sound in whole new ways, combining Hans Zimmer-esque cinematic vibes with their iconic emotive, minimal funk for a result that is elegant, poignant, powerful, and just simply beautiful. UKF have certainly kicked things off the right way, and we look forward to hearing the rest of the compilation if “Atlas” is to be any indication of the level of quality to expect.

7. ClashTone – Shapeshifter (Eatbrain) 

The month certainly started on a high note with the introduction of new DnB supergroup ClashTone. Comprised of an ex-Modestep member, Wilkinson’s musical director, label boss Jade, and Londoner Mai DaVael, it surely is an unlikely conglomeration. However, their debut release Ninja Scroll certainly exceeded expectations, with our favourite off the release being the aptly titled “Shapeshifter”. Combining the gritty neuro you’d expect from Eatbrain together with an elegant twist from gentle vocal chops and an energy we can only assume is inspired by Modestep’s timeless productions, “Shapeshifter” is nothing if not intriguing.

8. Andy C – Till Dawn (RAM Records) 

Absolute madman Andy C surprised us with a new release this month in the form of “Till Dawn." An appropriate title for a man best known for his second-to-none all night sets, Andy C somehow found the time between his XOYO residency, Wembley All Night show, and everything else he has going on to gift us this banger. Old school jungle vibes are given a techy-yet-funky twist on this masterpiece of a track – nothing but pure class coming from the legend himself. “Till Dawn” is one hell of a weapon, and we can’t wait to hear how Andy (and others) spin this tune on the dancefloor.

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9. Kanine – Dubplate Soldier (Elevate) 

Kanine has been turning heads in the scene for quite some time now, but the budding producer has really outdone himself with this one. A proper hype tune, faint chanting amidst soft drums paves the way for the funky, murky, minimally groovy and totally bass heavy drop on “Dubplate Soldier.”

10. Giganti – Make It Hot (Viper) 

New mysterious producer Giganti seemed to appear out of nowhere late last year when he announced he was signing exclusively to Viper. While little is known about who he is or where he’s from, what we do now is he has been releasing some serious heaters lately, and “Make It Hot” has to be our favourite one yet. Pounding drums together with vocal chops sharing the track’s title give the track a dark yet bouncy energy, making it the ultimate shoe-thrower.

11. 1991 – Illusions (1991 Music) 

1991 has blown us away with new single “Illusions”. A producer known for his creative fusions of different influences, this DnB track delivers retro electro vibes with loads of vibrant synths, catchy vocals, 8-bits vibes galore, glimmering melodies, mesmerizing storytelling, and a plethora of other sounds that, quite frankly, only 1991 could manage to fuse together so flawlessly. A cohesive, fun, and unusual journey that is so refreshing for the genre, “Illusions” is nothing short of breathtaking.

12. Benny V & K Warren – Open Your Eyes (Patrol The Skies)  Londoners Benny V & K Warren team up for this summery, bright, and captivating feel good tune on Patrol The Skies Music. Delivering warm energy from start to finish, the track’s atmosphere is radiant and full of life, with catchy vocals and what can only be described as an infectious bop that makes it incredibly addictive. “Open Your Eyes” is the perfect soon-to-be-summer anthem!

13. Bl4ck Owlz – Dead Groove (Korsakov Music) 

February has definitely been a big one for neurofunk, and one of the best examples is the new EP from Bl4ck Owlz. The French producer has recently signed to new label Korsakov, making his debut with the suitably named Dead Groove EP. The title track of the release carries equal parts incredibly technical sound design with an organic groove that makes it a serious standout tune this month. Funky, weird, and heavy, the track also has a certain spacious feeling to it that only adds to the mastery and definitely proves Bl4ck Owlz is one to watch.

14. Millbrook – Refractions (Viper) 

Another new, somewhat mysterious signing to Viper this year is Millbrook, the Luxembourg-base producer previously known as Vacuum. As part of his rebrand, Millbrook has released two new singles for his label debut, and “Refractions” has certainly put his name on the map. Delivering Camo & Krooked-esque vibes with a dancefloor punch, the track brings a cinematic atmosphere to the dancefloor for one seriously wicked tune.

15. Grace Carter – Heal Me (Rene LaVice Remix) 

What started out as a drunken idea in a bar quickly transformed into this remix with Rene LaVice’s take on Grace Carter’s “Heal Me” which he apparently made in only a day. Maintaining the power and elegance of the original vocals, Rene La Vice gives this one a fun DnB twist by adding lively drums and vigorous bass to breathe an entirely new energy into the tune. Bubbly, buoyant, and bouncy, “Heal Me” is the perfect pick-me-up.

That’s all for this month’s picks, but be sure to check out January’s chart for more of our favourite drum & bass tunes so far in 2019 – it’s certainly shaping up to be a good year! 

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