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It’s hard to believe the month of January has already come and gone so quickly, but be that as it may, it hasn’t stopped bands and songwriters from churning out some great indie and alternative dance tracks for us to crank to the max, get out on the floor, and sway and thrash our bodies to, and it hasn’t stopped Indie Discotheque from putting them all in a nice list so you don’t have to. Let’s get into the groove.

1. Big Wild – City of Sound

The sound of Big Wild keeps progressing, and I love the direction he’s going with his latest single, “City of Sound.” This is a falsetto vocalized sing-along about embracing who you are, with enough ooooh’s to keep you singing along for some time. Beautifully produced, it’s a part of his Superdream project, which brings an atmospheric indie pop sensibility to dance music. The album was released February 1 on Counter Records, and he’ll embark on a national tour with Robotaki and Mild Minds this spring.

2. Jai Wolf – Lose My Mind feat. Mr Gabriel

Can I get enough dreamy dance music with that indie rock sensibility? Never. Jai Wolf and Mr Gabriel are making sure of that, with this blissful, bass guitar-laden track titled, “Lose My Mind.” This is one of those tracks to keep on repeat, with an accompanying music video to emphasize what could happen if you continuously watched a VHS tape of Jai Wolf while alone on a space ship, waiting for your moment to rendezvous with the mothership. Jai Wolf his headed out on a national tour of his own this spring.

3. Someone – Pull It Together

For a song with such a classic sound and instrumentation, how can it still sound so fresh? This is part of the magic Someone brings to their entire discography, and “Pull It Together” certainly doesn’t disappoint. Perfectly layered vocalization; gritty, grimy guitar solos slathered with some classic organ at a slower tempo. The percussion still gives just enough oomph to make you want to experience this one out on the dance floor.

4. Kita Menari – Pretty Sure

Crisp, clean indie pop is the name of the game for Kita Menari, dropping this debut single out of nowhere that seems to be getting its share of attention. The production on this one has that not too hot, not too cold, but just right vibe to it. Falsetto vocalization seems to be a trend lately (I’m not complaining) and about halfway through the song he kicks the vocal chords up an octave, gliding over the steady, repetitive guitar harmonies and simple, warm synth tones in the background.

5. Toro y Moi – Laws of the Universe

The new album from Toro y Moi is one of two extremes. It’s either dripping with groovy dance jams, or it’s putting you to sleep. I know there are people out there who love the slow jams, but I’m here for the dancefloor. “Laws of the Universe” is a conversational vocal song that I really enjoy meshed with this music. I hope Toro y Moi keeps embracing his disco future, because it really works for him.

6. Fidlar – By Myself

The introduction of the track is playful and sets you up for a surprise when this thing finally hits you. Such an unsuspecting dance jam built out of a simple chant, and the way this thing has overproduced itself into this banger is nothing short of remarkable. It reminds me a bit of Muscles in a way, with a testosterone fueled swagger that just doesn’t let up, but with a full band to back it up and make it real.

7. Freedom Fry – The Seasons

I wish this song had a little more punch, which is more of a commentary on how the song was produced over how well the song was written. Still, the production doesn’t detract from the bottom line on this song. It’s a simple bass groove with baseline cliché on the seasons and how people change over time. Is this something strange? It could be, depending on who you are referring. The vocal layering provides an additional layer of interest to the track. The chorus is catchy and will get stuck in your head.

8. Temporex – Tournament Hill

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It’s a simple song but such a pleasure to listen to song. The lo-fi synth is repetitive over a basic drum machine beat, but Temporex’ vocal and the processing applied to it gives it a real Neon Indian kind of vibe. As short as the song is in length, it doesn’t ask to be any longer. Stay glued to Raspberry Beret.

9. Neon Indian – Heaven’s Basement (Theme from 86’d)

Soundtracking your own short film is a fantastic thing to do, particularly when you’re Alan Palomo. “Heaven’s Basement” is the theme from 86’d, and it’s the first new music we’ve heard from Neon Indian since 2015’s Vega Int’l Night School. Now is the time to sleepwalk together through the avenue.

10. Vök – Erase You

When you want to erase someone from your life, but you can’t get them out of your mind, try this new relaxed indie dance jam from Iceland’s Vök. You might not be able to completely erase them for real, but you can float that trying-to-control-you person you used to like away with the smooth groove.

11. Cherry Glazerr – Wasted Nun

In a complete turn of mood and vibe, we’re rocking out with Cherry Glazerr and this dance rock anthem that’s dripping with passion and angst. Clementine Creevy is throwing it all out on the table on this new album, Stuffed & Ready, and I’m embracing it. Let’s self-destruct together and indulge in stubborn rage.

12. Saytr Play – Bang Average

It’s a very cleanly produced piece of dance rock that pulls from influences like The Bravery, exploring the theme of naïve lovers who, through hopeless romanticism and inexperience, and by the influences of others outside of their own control, are unable to explore and progress a desired relationship.

13. Park Hotel – Make It Happen

This band is going places. The bass groove slathered throughout this track, the vocal attitude, the layering of vocals and LCD Soundsystem-esque percussion rack and synth textures really make this an instant banger for every indie dancefloor. Crank this one up and start moving your body.

14. Ivory Wave – Gold

Tracks like this are the ultimate kind of grab-your-drink-and-dance party track, harkening back to the early 90s in sound and mood, bringing a Big Audio Dynamite influence that is undeniable and worth listening to every minute. Ivory Wave is a band that lives its moments to the fullest, and so should you.

15. Le SuperHomard – Meadow Lane Park

“Meadow Lane Park” sounds like it could be a lost Stereolab track, but I’m not complaining. This is music pulled straight from that band’s best era of music writing, and we need more music exploring this style of songwriting, not just in style but also in instrumentation. The Meadow Lane Park album drops soon.

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