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Ableton Unveils Live 10.1 With Big Upgrades & Improvements

Freezing tracks with sidechain and more comes with the upgrade now in Beta from Ableton Live.
Ableton 10 Live

Ableton has released the first major update to its Live 10 software since it was released last year. Live 10.1 comes with some major improvements that have producers very excited.

What Is New?

Live 10.1 allows users to freeze tracks with sidechain routing, improves its newest instrument, Wavetable and adds two new audio effects, Channel EQ and Delay. Automation envelopes and zooming and scrolling all get upgrades.

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Wavetable was limited in the past, but now will allow users to import their own wavetables or sample into any device. 10.1 is getting EQ and Delay effects. The EQ is described as a “flexible and simple EQ with curves and gain ranges suitable for a variety of audio material.” The filter shape adapts to control settings. Delay combines Simple Delay and Ping Pong Delay into one feature with upgrades, while also being able to toggle from a button between Jump, Fade-In, Pitch and ping-pong.

One of the things that many dance producers are most excited about is that now you can freeze the track even when it has a sidechain in it. You can also export single tracks and groups with return and master effects applied. It now has VST3 plug-in support.

How Do You Get It?

Ableton 10.1 is now in Beta and available to those who have 10 Live. Sign up now to be a part of it or get Live 10 to be a part of it. 

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