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City Guide: Berlin With Nakadia

Words by Nakadia
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Welcome back to the Magnetic City Guide Series, where your favorite artists from around the world give you the ins and outs of the places they call home. This week, we head to the European techno capital of Berlin, with our guest Nakadia. Born in Thailand, and now based in Berlin, the techno artist recently released her on latest work with Filth On Acid. Words by Nakadia


We all like a good drink, so where are the top spots to head to before a night out?

The city is full of great bars to warm up for the night, I love to hang out on Oranien Strasse in Kreuzberg. You can find lots of restaurants bars and clubs there and my favourite one is Lucia Bar. At the weekends it gets really busy and sometimes you have to wait for a bit to get in, but its worth it. Another great place is Warschauer Strasse, especially the old industrial area next to Warschauer Strasse S-Bahn station and the residential area next to it. There you can find the best restaurants, lots of bars and the coolest little clubs.

1_ lucia bar berlin

Where can you find the best clubs / late night venues in town?

The city is full of amazing clubs. Everybody knows the big ones like Berghain or Watergate. I would recommend two special clubs that not everybody has heard of yet: Else (next to Treptower park S-Bahn station) It’s an amazing outdoor venue with great lineups and probably my favourite spot to hang out during summer. And the second one I would suggest is next to Ostkreuz station. Always long lines there, so if you don't want to wait, get in early.


Brunches are a weekend staple, which spots stand out for you?

The name says it all “House of small wonders” - check it out in Johannisstrasse (Mitte). The restaurant is just beautiful and the food is amazing.


Best dirty late-night street food option?

For those who want to have a bite before Watergate, or get out of Watergate before 6, there is Delikato on the corner of Schlesische Strasse / Falckensteinstrasse. If you are at Kitkat or Tresor, the Doner shop at the corner of Köpenickerstrasse is a must. As there are so many Doner corners near many of the clubs - and nearly all are worth a snack.


Where can we shop for records and music memorabilia in Berlin?

My favourite record shop is still Hard Wax at Paul Lincke Ufer. It’s located inside an old building complex on the third floor and worth a visit if you are looking for great new releases. For memorabilia, you should visit Mauerpark on a Sunday afternoon. There you will find the cities best second-hand market, street artists and so much more during the Sunday afternoons.


Your Sunday escape plan when you need to get away from it all?

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My favourite getaway is Thai park. Out of all my recommendations, this one is the only one on the west side of the city and about 10 km away from all clubbing and nightlife. Thai park’s real name is “Preussen Park” next to Brandenburgische Strasse in Wilmersdorf. During Sundays, the Thai people of Berlin are taking over and when you enter the park it feels like you are in Thailand. Thai Ladies cooking fresh food right there and you can find all-original Thai favourite dishes. It’s my perfect escape from it all.


Something everyone should do when visiting Berlin, but probably hasn’t?

There is only thing everybody should do when visiting Berlin: Sleep! So many visitors forget that and it’s so important. Sometimes the body needs to recover and the best place for that is a bed. My favourite hotel is the Michelberger Hotel. Even though I have my own apartment in the city, I sometimes go there for a coffee when friends are sleeping there.


A track that reminds you of your early days in the city?

When I visited Berlin in 2005 I found an amazing white label vinyl - the track was amazing. I didn't know who produced it, but this was the track that represented Berlin for me and around this time I decided to move to Berlin for good. One year later I did so. When I moved to Berlin in 2006 I went to a small old cinema and saw the movie “Berlin Calling” with Paul Kalkbrenner - and there was the track! It was released as “Gebrunn Gebrunn” on the soundtrack to Berlin Calling. This track always reminds me of my early days in Berlin.

What are other great exports that come from Berlin?

The famous Berlin Currywurst. You have to try one if you are in town. Other than that, Berlin is just a city of culture and politics


A gift you can’t leave Berlin without taking home for friends?

Everybody should own a piece of the original Berlin wall. I don’t know how many of the Berlin wall souvenirs are actually really Berlin wall, but you can still find them. 


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