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Connecting The Oregon Cannabis Industry At CannaBowl

An overview of a cannabis sporting event/business networking

On February 5, 2019, I ventured out in wintery Portland to catch CannaBowl. Now entering his third year, this tournament sponsored by Fore Twenty Sports raises awareness and highlight the great state of Oregon, the cannabis industry, and its leading brands.


Andy Yashar, Co-Owner of For Twenty Sports & Co-Founder of The Daily Leaf, explained the purpose of this event. "CannaBowl is built with a business conference premise and an afterparty feel to it. We feel that people tend to have more meaningful conversations when they let their guard down and have fun at our events."



This year, they expanded the teams from 12 teams to 32 because of the demand. “We really try and bring in a mix of old and new brands and dispensaries every year. This helps us make the event feel new and fresh every time we have one. We welcome all companies that are involved in the cannabis industry to join. We had a K9 protection service company out this year and it was great to show diversity to our patrons.”

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While all the teams had their swag and swagger on full display, I was particularly drawn to the SDK’s cookies and milk display replete with staffers in Cookie Monster costumes. Cascadia Labs’ mad scientist costumes came in at a close second. Nine products and food were available for the taking though most of the players seem to be focused on the game.

Brad Bogus, VP of Growth & Marketing, Confident Cannabis elaborated on why they chose to participate in this event. 

CannaBowl was definitely one of the best events we've sponsored in Oregon. To see a packed house on a Tuesday during the workday spoke volumes for how well organized and run this event was by the Fore Twenty Sports /The Daily Leaf team. There were so many of our clients, partners, friends, and people we have yet to meet attending and competing; some of which were incredible bowlers. We've never had so much fun losing! The Oregon market needs some fun and relief. It was great to be able to don some fun bowling outfits (big ups to the Rick & Morty costumes Cascadia Labs!), let our guards down, and just enjoy each other's company. We'll definitely be sponsoring again next year.

Winning trophies

Winning trophies

This year, Millerville Farms won the $5,000 prize though it was a close game.

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