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The Netherlands based act Majestique have wowed us with another new tune. Starting 2019 hot, the electronic duo has produced the utterly infectious single "How U Been" featuring Miles Hi - just released via Dirty Soul Music. 

In honor of this must-hear release, we got hold of Majestique to get a feel for them both as artists, and well as getting our hands on their Current Vibes playlist. Find them below! 

We’re really feeling the new single! Where did the inspiration for it come along?

Thank you so much! The inspiration came from some older hip-hop tunes and we were trying stuff out in our studio - sampling our own sounds and making them sound "vintage."

We heard your album writing process took quite some time. Was it a welcome relief to work on a fresh single?

Oh yes! This song was created quite quickly actually. It was produced in a creative vibe and it was a relief to put out something fresh and new.

What brought about the collaboration with Miles Hi?

We worked with the boys from Miles Hi before on other projects and not to mention we are also in the same studio building. The coincidence was, the second day while we where producing “How You Been,” Miles Hi walked into the studio and started singing!

What are three signatures of your production? Do you feel you’ve really found the “Majestique” sound?

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Our Majestique sound really has a certain feeling, we think. It’s the combination of certain beat sounds with the typical analogue Juno and Korg Keys. We also try to make our chord progressions a little bit different, and not forgetting some sweet 80s vibes.

Who or what influences you musically? Do you find you get inspired by lots of different genres and styles?

We have a passion that is possibly programmed in our brains by influencers like Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder. The combination of analog vs. digital. 

When did you first start working together? How do your styles complement each other?

We met each other for the first time around 2007, both working on different musical projects. We started working on Majestique in 2012 after a good conversation in a shady bar at Amsterdam Dance Event.

Would you consider yourself perfectionists?

We can totally lose ourselves in perfecting a certain sound: a beat, for example. We both think we are perfectionists...

How do you want your music to make people feel?

The best way is when people feel the same way as we did. And most importantly, we hope we can make people feel good!

What is on the horizon for you in 2019? Any major goals you want to achieve?

Keep making new tunes. And most importantly of all, maintain the joy we have in the studio. In the end that’s our goal. 

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