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Daniel Avery Announces 'Song For Alpha B-Sides & Remixes' With Four Tet, Jon Hopkins, Actress

The remix and b-sides album will be released in April.
Daniel Avery

Daniel Avery

Daniel Avery has announced the Song For Alpha B-Sides and Remixes Album. The heaving 23-track project will include leftover songs from the period when Avery was writing Song For Alpha. In addition to those extra cuts, he also invited a whole host of others to remix the album including Jon Hopkins, Four Tet, Actress, Surgeon and Anastasia Kristensen. Some have already been released, like the Jon Hopkins remix of “Glitter,” but most will see the light of day for the first time when this project is released in full.

Song For Alpha B-Sides and Remixes will be released on April 5 via Phantasy/Mute in the US & Canada and via Phantasy worldwide. Watch a video for a new record “Under The Tallest Arch” below to prep for the new album.

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Song For Alpha B-Sides and Remixes Tracklist

Part 1:

1. Think About What You Love
2. Glass
3. Under The Tallest Arch
4. Radius
5. Hyper Detail
6. The Gait Of A Man I’ve Never Met
7. Memory Loop
8. AQPAN6102
9. Time Marked Its Irregular Pulse In Her Eyes

Part 2

1. Slow Fade (Actress Remix)
2. Glitter (Anastasia Kristensen Remix)
3. Quick Eternity (Four Tet Remix)
4. Hyper Detail (Giant Swan Remix)
5. Time Marked Its Irregular Pulse In Her Eyes (HAAi Remix)
6. Fever Dream (Inga Mauer Remix)
7. Glitter (Jon Hopkins Remix)
8. Diminuendo (Luke Slater Remix)
9. Citizen // Nowhere (Manni Dee Remix)
10. Stereo L (Mor Elian Remix)
11. Projector (Obscure Shape & SHDW Remix)
12. Diminuendo (Patrick Russell Remix)
13. Days From Now (Richard Fearless Remix)
14. Radius (Surgeon Remix)

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