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DJ EZ Unveils Techno & House Alias Elvin Zedo, Will Perform 10-Hour Boiler Room Set

DJ EZ is going back to his roots.


DJ EZ has announced a new house and techno alias Elvin Zedo. To celebrate his coming out party, he is doing a 10-hour set with Boiler Room this Sunday.

With the alias he is going back to the early parts of his career when he used to spin house and techno. The alias actually started back in 2004 for him to play house and techno and he notes that he also DJed under the name DJ Easy O for the same two genres.

In an announcement video, EZ says that he still plans to DJ under both names, but felt now was the time to reconnect with his roots. “House and techno has always had a special place in my heart and Elvin Zedo allowed me to continue to play these sounds without interfering with my role in the UK Garage scene.”

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This Sunday, Zedo will DJ from 1pm to 11pm GMT on Boiler Room, mixing house and techno from the start of his time as Zedo with songs that he likes now. 

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