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As part of the Red Bull Music Festival, Robyn kicked off the United States portion of her world tour this past Friday, February 22 with a sold-out performance at the esteemed Hollywood Palladium. The show marked Robyn’s first show outside of Sweden on the Honey tour. Inspired by some of the darkest times of her life, towards the end of 2018 Robyn released Honey, her first new record in eight years. On the album, Robyn transforms her pain and suffering caused by her divorce from her longtime partner as well as the death of her close collaborator, Christian Falk into a musical masterpiece. Honey carries a powerful message with its search for light even in the darkest of times.

Robyn Red Bull Music Festival Hollywood Palladium

Robyn Red Bull Music Festival Hollywood Palladium

The Swedish pop star took center stage in front of a billowing white backdrop that seemed reminiscent of heaven. Everything down to Robyn’s outfit portrayed her unique, signature style. Accompanied by her talented band, Robyn performed live pop arrangements accented by electrifying bass and driving percussion. As the pop icon took the stage, she was greeted by an exuberant audience eager to be entranced in a dance-filled paradise. 

Robyn show echoed bliss and the triumphant human spirit. Robyn began the night with "Send to Robin Immediately," a downtempo track about loss featured on Honey. Robyn’s emotive and sultry lyrics deeply touched the audience, leaving her audience enraptured. Robyn’s performance was marked by her somewhat corny, yet exuberant dance interludes were a highlight of the show. During one segment she even joined a male dance for some contemporary ballet-inspired grooves.

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Robyn Red Bull Music Festival Hollywood Palladium


Robyn’s performance only continued to build as the night progressed. Robyn ended the night with a three-song encore composed of the existential songs “Human Being.” Towards the end of her set, Robyn broke into a backward somersault signifying her conquest over the darkness. Robyn’s performance was a powerful reminder to always look for the light, especially in the hardest of times and to always celebrate our victories.

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