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Fyre Fest Pt 2?: Ja Rule Plans To Create "The Iconic Music Festival"

Maybe this isn't a good thing? But people will pay attention to it.

Ja Rule still wants to get into the festival business after his spectacularly failed foray into the marketplace with Fyre Festival. He was tracked down by TMZ at an airport to chat about how things are going and he revealed plans to create “the iconic music festival.”

He says he feels sad about what happened with Fyre that it didn’t work out. He talks about his app ICONN that is like the Fyre app, allowing you to book major artists for events.

In a back and forth with the Aussie camera guy, he admits there is still a lot of cache behind the festival, calling it “the most iconic festival that never was.” He slyly slips in, “I have plans to create the iconic music festival.”

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Ja Rule still has not seen the documentaries.

The saga of Fyre festival has become a media behemoth (we are a part of it) that is like a train wreck you can’t look away from. Seeing a whole lot of rich kids get scammed out of thousands of their parent’s dollars adds to the humor of it. Two documentaries have been made and even a movie spinoff is reportedly in the works.

This could be him trolling, but either way, there would be a lot of attention on this festival if it ever was announced. There are probably enough stupid people out there who would buy tickets with the intention of actually seeing music or those who just want to say they went for the likes on social media and then be interviewed in another documentary. 

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