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Grammys 2019: Who Should Win vs Who Win Will Dance / Electronic Categories

We lay out the cases for dance / electronic song and album of the year for who will and probably should win.

The Grammys are this Sunday and that means there will be some people who will have there careers changed forever and others who will be sorely disappointed. The telecast will be way too long with very odd performances like Jennifer Lopez reportedly singing a Mo-Town tribute (they couldn’t find a soul singer to do that???) and then Little Big Town again. Dance music gets their awards before the telecast, but that doesn’t mean we will ignore them. We will go over the two main categories and see who will likely win and who should win for song and album of the year.

Song Of The Year:

Who Will Win: Diplo, Mark Ronson (Silk City) & Dua Lipa - Electricity

To quote Meek Mill and Janelle Monae, “they got the juice.” The song is an infectious dance record with crossover appeal that voters of all ages, genders and races can latch on to. It is well produced and well written with Diana Gordon and Romy from The xx writing on the record. Dua Lipa has grown into a world superstar with one of the more unique voices in pop music. It calls on 90’s house music with a bit of soul and enough modern pop music to get the pull of voters. Even against big names like Disclosure, Mark Ronson, Diplo and Dua Lipa will jump off the page compared to Virtual Self, Fisher, and Above & Beyond.

Who Should Win: Fisher – Losing It

If there was a song that defined dance music in 2018, it was “Losing It.” The horns were heard blaring around the world in clubs and festivals seemingly non-stop in sets from house DJs in small clubs to even more mainstream names on the main stage. It was everywhere all the time. If the Grammys wants to represent dance and club music, this is the song they should pick.

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Album Of The Year:

Who Will Win: Justice - Woman Worldwide

Song of the year is a bit more clear-cut, but album of the year is a toss up. Sofi Tukker has the Atlantic label machine behind them. SOPHIE, TOKiMONSTA and Jon Hopkins all released incredible albums and Justice is a known commodity to the voters. The voters have given it to live albums twice in the past as sort of “make up” wins to Daft Punk for Alive 2007 in 2009 (it deserved it anyway) and then last year with Kraftwerk 3-D The Catalogue. This is now Justice’s second nomination, so don’t surprised to see Woman Worldwide get the win.


This could go to Jon Hopkins or TOKiMONSTA easily, but if they truly want to be seen as embracing the change going on within music and especially electronic music, SOPHIE should to win this Grammy. The album is forward-thinking pop that leaned heavily into dance and electronic music, borrowing its influences from club culture and moulding them into a dark album. If Hopkins or TOKiMONSTA win this, that would also be a win for electronic music, but the slight edge goes to SOPHIE in a real tossup of a category.

The Grammys will air this Sunday at 8pm EST on CBS, though many of these will be announced during the pre-program at some point. 

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