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Grouper's Liz Harris Releases Surprise, Beautiful Ambient Album Under New Alias Nivhek

The album 'After its own death / Walking in a spiral towards the house' is a beautiful piece of music.
Liz Harris

In a surprising move, Grouper’s Liz Harris has released a new album under a new moniker Nivhek. The album is a mouthful, titled After its own death / Walking in a spiral towards the house and is out now on Yellow Electric.

On the surface, the project is only four songs, but when you take a further examination it is an hour long in total. The album was created during and after two residencies Azores, Portugal and Murmansk, Russia. She also worked on it at her home in Astoria, Oregon.

It is a beautiful and elegantly crafted piece of ambient electronic music, where elements quiver and come into focus or swirl around each other to envelop the listener in this soothing soundscape of beatless music.

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She used guitar, field recordings, broken fx pedals, tapes and a Mellotron to record the record. Harris describes the album as “a requiem, a ritual, to unlock and release feelings.”

Pick up a copy on Bandcamp or stream below.

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