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How It Was Made: Gettoblaster - Get Dat Ft. DJ Funk [Dirtybird]

Words by Gettoblaster

Welcome to our 'How It Was Made' series, where we dive headfirst into the behind the scenes process of how artists create the art we all enjoy. Each week, our guests walk us through the tools they used on their latest work, and how they use their gear to achieve the results.


Last Friday, Dirtybird released a fine slice of ghetto-house from a few true OGs-namely Gettoblaster and DJ Funk, who have all been making noise since the 90s. Gettoblaster reunited with DJ Funk at the 2017 edition of Dirtybird Campout, and have since been back in the studio churning out heat. We caught up with the duo to discuss the process behind their release, and with such a long history in the scene, they've got invaluable knowledge at their disposal. Words and pictures by Gettoblaster.


We used a mixture of things for drums. I (Paul of Gettoblaster) have made my own drum sample packs previously from my own Roland 808, and Roland 909. I (Paul of Gettoblaster) have recorded many variations from this drum machines and process them differently in many tracks. Whether that means ad distortion, bit crush, or slide bars to make the bass hits life up or down in notes.

roland tr 909
roland tr 808

Other drum packs we also used in this particular track were the Boss DR-550, Casio SK-5, and Vengence tambourine.

sk 5 casio

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As far as compressors, we used the Kjaerhus audio classic compressor for the drums for an extra punch. For side chain compression we used fruity peak controller.


For processing DJ Funks vocals on this, we used the Fruity parametric EQ2, and Fruity Maximus to widen the vocals to make it pop and sound fresh and thick. It’s kind of funny how the vocals came about. DJ Funk had come over to Bad Boy Bill’s studio that we were working in one day, and decided to record some fresh new vocals. After reuniting with Funk at the Dirtybird campout, this was our second visit. We went back to our home studio to work on the new vocals, when I (Paul) had realized I had some older outtakes of voice-overs Funk did for my radio shows I did back in 2007-ish era. So we decided to go through these instead and pieced them together from a few different things.

DJ Funk Vocal shot

Last but not least we use FL Studio 11 .... which is an older version of FL we fell in love with.. and we use an MSI Gaming computer laptop as our main production frame. 

msi gaming laptop
IMG_1023 (1)

Grab your copy of Gettoblast's Get Dat ft DJ Funk here.

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