Magnetic Mix 012 + Interview: Notaker

We asked Notaker to make us a Magnetic Mix, which includes many of his recently singles, some exclusive bootlegs and tunes by the likes of REZZ, Eric Prydz and Gesaffelstein

St. Louis-based DJ and producer Notaker returns to Monstercat, a label he has been a frequent contributor to for the past couple of years. He is back this week with a new track, “Into The Light,” which is one of his more uplifting and melodic numbers to date. With the single still reverberating, we asked him to make us a Magnetic Mix with many of his recently singles, some exclusive bootlegs and tunes by the likes of REZZ, Eric Prydz and Gesaffelstein.

We also got Notaker to answer a few questions to learn more about his pilot’s license and why he feels so at home at Monstercat.

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Notaker Magnetic Mix Tracklist:

Notaker - Fatal System Error
Eric Prydz feat Rob Swire - Breathe
Notaker - Hypersleep
Party Ghost - Kill
1788-L - Pulsar Beam
REZZ - Relax
Notaker x Blackgummy - Corrupted
Varien - TEVA833
Notaker x Eminence - Machina
Steve Angello - Rejoice
Gesaffelstein - Hate Or Glory
New Order - Blue Monday (Notaker Bootleg)
REZZ x Kotek - Ascension
i_o - Audio Dust
Notaker - So Much Love
No Mana - Someone to Erase
Notaker x Deadmau5 x Kaskade - I Remember the Abyss (Notaker Mashup)
Notaker - Terra
Notaker – Believe

Where did your interest in making music come from? Why was it electronic and when was this?

I think my interest was really sparked by a combination of being exposed to rave culture for the very first time and having another person push me to try writing music. Prior to my first raves I would go to frat parties and house parties. There would be people drinking, not really any dancing, sometimes there’d be drama and fights might break out which sucked. It wasn’t exactly the best experience always. Going to raves was COMPLETELY different. Everyone’s dancing, the music is amazing, the environment is very positive, the people are nice, and almost always it was a great time. Having that excitement about this new community and experience mixed with someone pushing me to download a DAW was the perfect formula to make me an electronic music producer.

Your career pretty much got its start on Monstercat. What draws you back to them each time?

I’ve worked with many record labels and Monstercat has been by far the easiest to work with, the most organized, and the most receptive and excited about my music. I think a lot of other record labels could take a page out of their book.

Can touring help with writer’s block or make it worse?

I think that’s all dependent on an artist by artists basis and how their creative momentum flows. I think for me it would be a very positive thing as when my workspace changes I get different ideas and inspired by my work environment. As long as I’m in a “no pressure” situation I usually can relax and write music.

How do you have to adapt your production process to work with vocalists?

It really depends person by person. My approach is to be as accommodating as I can to the needs of the vocalist. It’s important to understand that the person you’re working with is their own artist with their own creative vision and they deserve the same level of respect and consideration that any other artist should receive.

What is something people might not know about you?

I’m a pilot that holds a private & commercial certificate with an instrument rating and multi-engine add on. I could be a professional pilot if I so desired.

What else do you have coming up in 2019?

A lot of music and concepts to go with them that I’m really excited about but don’t want to divulge too much on. I’m also hoping to get out on the road some more as well this year too.

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