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Magnetic Mix 015: Kisch 'Love & Other Greatest Hits' + Interview

To celebrate the label's 100th release, Kisch provides us with the greatest hits in mix form.
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For a record label, 100 releases is a very special milestone. To celebrate having just hit that mark, Love & Other has teamed up with us here at Magnetic to provide their greatest hits, mixed together in a tight and neat package courtesy of Kisch, a mainstay on the label. The UK-based DJ-producer Kisch has been pushing boundaries since day one. Having garnered a solid reputation for his characteristic blend of house and bass, his atmospheric productions consistently provide a hypnotic blend of melody, rich rising pads, and a sure-fire club sensibility. 

To add to the celebration, we caught up with him for a quick chat. Read it below, and let us know what your favorite release from the label is. 

First up, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Kisch, a London based vocal house producer, and DJ.

We loved listening to your mix, tell us about a few of your favorite selections?

It was a real pleasure going through some of the tracks, I’ve always loved the lush sounds of “Wanna” by Catchment, and it mixed beautifully in key with my new one "Daylight." “Touch Me” by Poupon was a bit of a forgotten gem, the main build had me fist pumping like a maniac! Definitely putting that back in my setlist. And I’ve always got the love for Kokiri’s “Turn Back Time” which I think was one of the label’s most successful records. Very hooky so my cup of tea.

These days it feels like you have a great working connection with Toolroom. Can you describe how your relationship has developed with the label since releasing "The Chase" with Shapeshifters in 2015?

That track was really what opened the door to the label for me. It got real heat with Pete Tong, so I looked to follow that up with one of my own tunes. “Love All Day" was my first solo effort on there and it was a big success for me, and ever since then, my relationship with the label has grown. I even bounce ideas off them sometimes which I think is quite rare between artists and label managers.

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How would you, if possible, describe your style of music?

A strong vocal is always at the centre of my music, and sonically I would say its deep house. It’s usually quite bass driven but I’m starting to introduce more musical elements to my production which you’ll hear in “Daylight” and some of my upcoming releases.

You have a new single out now on Love & Other, can you tell us about the process behind the track?

"Daylight" saw a few versions, which happens a lot with me! I remember starting the writing over an organ hook which is long gone now. The verse melody and lyrics came to me first, and I got the singer Peppi over and we developed it from there. Production-wise the long bass notes were influenced by my previous release “Drift” as I wanted some continuity, and the rest just came from me playing around with various keys on Kontakt. It took me a whole year to get it to a point where I was really happy with it, so glad it's out now!

Finally, what else have you got lined up for 2019 that you can tell us about?

I’ve got a couple of exciting gigs for Toolroom on the horizon including one at Studio 338 in London which I can’t wait for! I also work with fast-growing promoters Summer-Ized Sessions and we’ve got some big shows coming all over the UK from Mint in Leeds to Steelyard in London. And I’ve got a lot of new music in the works which I’m fine tuning at the moment, I can’t wait to share it.

Kisch ‘Daylight’ (feat. Peppi) is out now. Grab it here.

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