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Mavin Air-X True Wireless Buds Review

Solid sound, incredible battery life and the best connection range we've ever tested.
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I've always been an apple fanboy, I'll just admit it right out of the gate, but the Apple Airpods just never did it for me. Maybe it's because they are so omnipresent, or just plain ridiculous looking like those old school first generation Bluetooth headsets that were so annoying. The Airpods look like little white birth control devices and to top it off they don't sound that great and run out of juice after roughly 4-5 hours.

Frankly, the whole category of "true wireless" used to get me excited, this was the wire free frontier after all and I dove in right at the deep end only to be unethused coming out at the shallow end. Mediocre sound, unreliable connectivity and worst of all - horrendous battery life, some only lasting 3 hours or less. RIP Here One

Things have gotten better and the category looks to start improving again as we enter 2019. Enter the Mavin Air-X

How do they look? How do they fit?

The buds themselves have a simple and clean design, reminiscent of some of the other buds that I've tried in the past. They are just small enough to be inconspicuous and they come in some cool colors - red, grayish-white, black and blue. The carrying case is the size of a small bar of hand soap and feels nice in your hands along with stowing easily in your pocket. The overall branding and packaging are nice, but just a touch on the wonky side of the spectrum - overall a touch amateurish in places - the website gives it away.

The fit on the buds is solid, just need to make sure you dial in the right tip and get a good seal. I found them to be quite comfortable for long sessions but you might have problems if you are doing rigorous workouts and shaking your head around a lot, this is a common problem for any buds of this kind. 

How do they sound?

The sound is decent for true wireless buds, especially at this size. They come in a little flat in spots but overall achieve a nice even sound at lower volumes. The highs can be a touch shrill at louder volumes and the bass is just kind of there, never revealing itself too much but not overly disappointing either. These are great for the average commuter or gym enthusiast that wants decent sound that will last a full day without the hassle of wires. 

The Tech?

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Let's start with the connectivity range, shall we? The Air-X crushes the competition with about a roughly 100ft range. I tested them in my house and outdoors with an iPhone X, with the best results being outside with no obstructions. However, I could easily get down to the kitchen from the top floor of my house with no problem. 

Total battery life on one charge is also impressive, coming in around 9-10 hours before the buds need to be charged again - the fully charged case will get you up to 5x charges or 50 hours. So the Air-X has slid into pole position in the true wireless category in both distance and battery life for now. 

Should you buy them?

If you ever considered buying Apple Airpods or true wireless headphones, these are a very good bet for the category - and a couple steps above the Apple product for sure. The sound is very passable for most listeners but audiophiles will not be satisfied, you can take calls on them (and look like a crazy person), use them for the gym or even longer trips with ease. Coming in at around $180 they are worth it purely for the battery life. I say YES.

AIR-X Specs 

- 100 Feet Bluetooth Range Connection

- 10 Hrs playtime with up to totally 50 Hours playtime Smart packet-sized Case

- Superior Audio performance with extra bass and Aerospace-grade Ultra-thin PEEK Diaphragm

- Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereos Plus+ support by QCC3026

Water Resistant Nano-coating & Human Centered Design For Comfort

- BT 5.0 

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