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Moment Invitational Film Festival Helps Mobile Filmmakers Win Up $100,000 In Prizes

All you need is a three minute video shot on your phone.
Moment Invitational Film Festival 2019

Getting a foothold in the film industry can seem almost impossible, but there are opportunities to show off your talents when you look for them. The Moment Invitational Film Festival invites filmmakers to create a three-minute film using their phones and potential finalists can win prizes in the form of cash and gear.

The film has to be shot uploaded to YouTube by March 17 in one of five categories.

They will choose 15 finalists who will win $1,000 cash to start, $2,000 worth of gear and a trip to New York City. The films will be premiered at the festival. There will be $25,000 in category prize money and two grand prizewinners will each win $10,000. They will be chosen based on the people’s vote and then a panel of filmmakers choose one.

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