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Get A Clean Visual Of DJ History With A "Period Table of DJs"

See the history of DJing from the photograph to the second summer of love.
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DJing is an art that is indebted to its history as it forges forward relentlessly driven by the pace of technological change. Often its history can be forgotten or muddled in that push forward, but those who had to endure the hardships of the past should never be forgotten. A new visual project has helped make that a little easier to give people a guide to the history of DJing. Artist Misfit has created a Period Table of DJs that starts at the inception of the photograph by Thomas Edison and runs up to the second summer of love in 1988.

The table takes you around the world with people like Nicki Siano, the influential New York DJ, to Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May in Detroit, Danny Rampling and even the Roland TR-808.

The table is being limited to 100 in total and runs about $150. It is printed on Origin Expression Textured 300gsm paper. See a few photos below and get a copy here

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H/T: Mixmag

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