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Yes We Do Need A Disco Ball Emoji, So Sign This Petition

Let's bring the dancefloor to your texts.
Disco Ball

Disco Ball

A petition has been started to create a disco ball emoji.

Ever felt like there was an emoji missing from your keyboard? I feel that way all time (with life in general, but let’s not get into that). However, if you have felt that there was a disco ball-sized hole burning in your phone, maybe there is a way to fix that.

A new petition has been started by Ibiza disco club, Glitterbox, to get the world a disco ball emoji. There are all sorts of useless emojis that fill up our phones. It is time that the centerpiece of any great party be there at the center of our communication.

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The petition is calling for it to be put into the next iOS and Android update. So far there are over 3,300 signees and there need to be a lot more.

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