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Playlist: Monarchy's All-Time Favorite Synth-Pop Songs

Australian synth-pop duo run down their all-time favorite synth tracks from Kavinsky, M83, Cerrone, La Roux and more with their new album out now.

Australian synth-pop duo Monarchy has released their third LP Mid:Night, which captures the feel-good summery vibe that they have been building over their career. It is smooth and summery, channeling some of the Australian heat (just less oppressive). Keeping the pattern of four years in between albums, following Around the Sun in 2011 & Abnoctoin 2015, the duo continue to write catchy songs and soothing synth-pop melodies. With that sonic theme in mind, we asked the pair, RA Black and Andrew Armstrong to think of their favorite synth-pop tracks of all time and share them with us.

The list runs down some absolute classics and modern tracks from Devo, M83, Cerrone, Parcels, The Knife and more. See their complete playlist below and don’t miss out on the complete album Mid:Night. Pick up a copy here.

RA Black

Sam Sparro - Black and Gold

This track was a breath of fresh air back in 2008. Super smooth but engaging and great song writing.

M83 - Midnight City

The mood of this song is very special. It’s energizing yet desolate.

La Roux - In For The Kill

I don’t normally like songs that are exclusively retro, but her quirky voice make this track really fun to listen to.

Devo - Whip It

This song still sounds fresh today! I’m sure this track influenced many artists that have influenced me.

The Knife - Like A Pen

I wish I’d written this song. I think this is the kind of song that pushes music forward.

Hot Chip - Over and Over

I love the funky Prince yet deadpan vibe this song has.

Kavinsky - Nightcall

I’m sure the relationship to Drive and this song has a large part to play in why I love this song. It’s very emotive.

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Prince - I Would Die 4 U

Ok, so Prince is more on the funk side, but he’s my childhood hero so he needs to be in any list of my favorite songs. This one is one of his more “synthy” ones.

Andrew Armstrong

DMX Krew – Come To Me

I think I play this once per week, minimum. I love the way the vocals come in super late, after the synth solo.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Messages

I love the woosh into the song proper. His voice is amazing. I have the remix parts for this somewhere, I really need to remix it.

L’Imperatrice – Sonate Pacifique

Spotify tells me this is the band I listened to most in 2018. So I guess they influenced me!

Parcels – TiedUpRightNow

Doing Australians worldwide proud. Fun and funky and cool.

Cerrone – Supernature

Cerrone is a legend. The lyrics are so cool as well, as relevant today as ever. Plus he’s playing coloured perspex drums on the beach.

Imagination – Just An Illusion

Any band that appears in fake romanesque outfits, with dry ice and a white piano for the album artwork is worth listening to.

Whirlpool Productions – From Disco to Disco

This, and the Jaques Lu Cont remix of it are never far from my record box whenever I DJ.

Raffaella Carra – Rumore

The energy of this track is incredible. I spent a whole afternoon watching her videos. I then spent 100EU to get hold of the rare Italian pressing of this track with the accapella, just so I could remix it.

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