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Premiere: Brooklyn Duo Anden Share Melodic, Progressive Single 'Walls'

The pair return to Zerothree with a sublime bit of deep progressive house.


Brooklyn-based brother duo Tom and Pete Cuppernull, better known to the world as Anden, are starting to have their moment. After careers on their own, they teamed up as Anden a few years back and found their sound, blending trancey melodies with deep grooves. Their tracks have been found regularly on Zerothree Music and Colorize, in addition to DIYNAMIC. They have returned to Zerothree for the release of their upcoming single “Walls,” which features vocals from the duo.

The pair start with a fluttering arp and thumping kick before it heads into deep Anjunadeep territory with those same elements and warbling synths. Their breathy vocals implore the listener to make the most of our moments together with friends, family and loved ones. It builds and builds with more prominent arps and booming deep bass blending together into a sublime, melodic piece of progressive house. In a time where the talk of walls is nonstop, breaking them down to be with each other is what is needed.

“’Walls’ is about personal connections that have an expiration date. It's no secret that some, or even most, friendships and relationships in life are finite, and sometimes we even reluctantly know which of those connections today won't last forever,” explains Anden. “But, just because someone won't be here forever doesn't mean we can't have meaningful experiences together. All it means is that we might not find time to say everything we want to say, and the personal walls we break down with these people we'll build up again around others.”

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“Walls” will be released tomorrow, February 15 via Zerothree. Stream the record until tomorrow below.

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