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Premiere: Dark Dark Horse Flips This Patch Of Sky 'Pale Lights' Into Ambient, Post Rock Bliss

Dark Dark Horse deliver some blissful work on This Patch of Sky "Pale Lights"
This Patch of Sky

This Patch of Sky

Oregon-based cinematic post-rock outfit This Patch of Sky released their third studio album These Small Spaces at the end of 2017 and had been touring pretty extensively on the back of it. Now they are giving the album new life with a remix for their album track “Pale Lights.” We are happy to premiere the sublime Dark Dark Horse remix for you today before it is released tomorrow.

Though it is only just a tick longer than four minutes, which can be short for a genre like post-rock, this remix is a slow burner. Dark Dark Horse, slowly build the song around gentle piano, melancholic, quivering cello and soft pads. Some drums are finally added around two minutes as the song builds to its final crescendo with guitar and subtle, rumbling sub bass.

"With This Patch of Sky [song] I could see a real attention to and mastery of texture. Plenty of wonderful evolving textures and real gravity in the performances made ‘Pale Lights’ ripe for remixing. With any good remix I think it’s important to bring out an element of the song that’s maybe not at the forefront of the original and present it in a new light. In this remix the cello pizzicato suggested an emotive chord sequence that wasn’t really that apparent in the original and from there I was off,” explains Jaime from Dark Dark Horse. 

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“I’ve added plenty of touches of my own to really try and take that chord sequence and mood to its zenith but hopefully retained the spirit of the original. I don’t feel I would have ever composed a piece like this on my own steam and that’s one of the real joys of remix collaboration. This feels like one for long early winter drives.”

This blissful piece of ambient post-rock will be released tomorrow, March 1. This is a match we need to hear more from, so hopefully this is the start of something more. 

Stream it below until then. 

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