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Premiere: John Digweed, Nick Muir Work Their Progressive Magic on Marc Romboy's 'Moonface'

This will arrive as part of a remix package for Romboy's tracks "Moonface" and "Zukunft."
Marc Romboy

Marc Romboy

John Digweed’s best known partnership may be with Sasha as the genre-defining duo Sasha & Digweed, but potentially just as important has been his partnership with Nick Muir. The pair formed the dup Bedrock, which became the bedrock of their label Bedrock Records. The two have combined on numerous remixes and singles in the past and do so again to remix Marc Romboy’s “Moonface.”

The pair works their progressive magic on the record. It starts with chugging beats and echoing fx. Don’t start slapping around at your ears about a minute in. Those buzzing sounds are in the track, not some fly that snuck into your place.

As one might expect from these two, it slowly builds with floating synths, spacey melodies and a bassline that gives it credence on the dancefloor. It is both hypnotic and club-ready.

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Romboy was very excited to get these two on remix duties for his record.

"I was pretty happy when John Digweed and Nick Muir were confirmed to remix a track of mine. I have followed John's activities since the end of the 90s and he is one of the most important influencers of the entire electronic music scene,” says Romboy. “His individual way to produce and perform music was always impressive and a good inspiration. And also the way they interpreted 'Moonface' is something I can really dig.”

The remix will be released tomorrow as part of a remix package for his singles “Moonface” and “Zukunft.” Others who are also remixing include Jonathan Kasper, Third Son and Mathame. Pre-order it here.

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