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Resident Advisor Launches Electronic Music Jobs Board Doors Open

Find your job in dance music if you dare.
Resident Advisor Doors Open

Resident Advisor has launched a new electronic music job board called Doors Open.

The new job board features over 100 music-specific jobs in over 10 cities around the world like New York City, London, Berlin and Amsterdam. Right now there are 144 jobs on the site and 129 of them are full-time. Companies like Boiler Room, !K7, Avant Gardner, Reverb, Splice, Spotify and Discogs are all advertising positions.

This will be a much better alternative to EDM Jobs, which seems to have pretty much disappeared.

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20 percent of profits from the site will go to charities to empower people using the arts and provide training and education to help the disadvantaged find work.

Getting jobs in the arts, notably electronic is brutal. The pay is garbage, the hours are nonstop and likely your bosses will treat you like replaceable cattle. It is ruthless with no days off and no benefits. So beware what you ask for. But it can be incredibly rewarding and if people don’t do it, then we would be stuck with a world of all bankers, doctors, ad men and women and lawyers and that would suck.

See if your future in dance music is here.

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