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Review: A Selection Of High Quality, Fun, Flavorful Cannabis Cookies, Gummies & Vapes

Here’s a selection of cannabis products designed for those looking to have a tasty break.

Lissa’s “Bake Yourself At Home” Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough allows one to prepare warm gooey cookies at home. The raw cookie dough is infused with high quality distillate, and is made in small batches with all natural ingredients, including Bob’s Red Mill oats. Each package contains 12 cookies per package (50mg), which breaks down to 4.2mg per cookie.


Top Hat Tarts are small bite-sized chewable candy (think SweeTARTS™). However, unlike processed candy, these tarts are made with all natural ingredients. Each package contains 50 pieces of candy in a variety of flavors — pineapple, mango, passion fruit, and cherry. Your flavor veers more on the sweeter than sour side with a pleasant aftertaste. As each piece is infused with 1mg of THC, these tarts can easily be adjusted to fit one’s personal needs.

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Hand-crafted strain specific Gummy Buds are made using locally grown cannabis flower. As they come in smaller doses, this allows users to select the specific experience they wish to achieve. Currently, they’re offering a Pennywise CBD gummy with a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio for a well balanced mellow buzz and a Blue Dream hybrid strain that enhances one’s experience. Strains are changed with each new batch, so check out the Instagram feed for the latest offerings.


For a clean portable vaping experience, check out Pure Vape’s line of disposable pens. These uniquely designed pens contain proprietary triple distilled, solvent-free essential cannabis oil. Choose from seven unique designs with each pen lasting for over 120 puffs. They offer a smooth draw with a fresh light fruity taste. Depending on your personal taste preferences and desired experience, choose from a Sativa (Blood Orange, Jack Herer), Hybrid (Apple Cinnamon Fizz, Girl Scout Cookies) or Indica (Banana Smoothie, OG, Strawberry Daiquiri) strain. In particular, these disposable pens are perfect for traveling, as one can enjoy a smooth vaping experience without having to buy any additional equipment.

All these products are available in Oregon and distributed by Nova Paths.

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