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Splice Teams With Accusonus To Expand Rent-To-Own Plugin Program

More plugins are now at your disposal
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Today, leading audio company Splice has announced its new partnership with Accusonus, and will now offer Accusonus’s Regroover Pro and Beatformer plugins as part of its “Rent-to-Own” program. In addition, producer Stelios Phili released his first Splice sample pack today and is featured on the video below showing how you can use his samples such as “Fuzzy Thump Kick” in Regroover.

This interest-free Rent-to-Own plan will offer users full access to the products and full ownership of the licenses via the Splice website. Regroover will be $9.99 per month over 22 months, while Beatformer is priced at $5.99 per month for 17 months. This relationship will give Splice creators the opportunity to use powerful creative tools for manipulating samples and loops in their productions while also helping them financially so they can pay as they go.

For more information, visit Splice.

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