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Spotlight: Vapers Guide to Surviving Festival Season

If you plan on vaping during festival season, it is important to have a few things in mind like keeping your device clean, having the right amount of spare pods and proper storage.
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We might be in the dog days of winter right now, but the end is in sight and summer is around the corner. With that, tickets for the biggest festivals are going on sale. Whether you’re planning to head off to the desert for Coachella or the wilderness for Bonnaroo or Electric Forest, you’re always best off going in prepared. If you’re a vaper, there’s a few extra things you need to consider (and pack) before you head off.

Vaping at festivals - the rules:

These days, festivals are pretty chilled about vaping. You’ll also be doing your fellow festival goers a favor by not having lit cigarettes within raving distance (getting a cigarette accidentally put out on your neck in the pit is not fun). However, it’s worth checking the rules at the festival you’re going to. Some will have designated smoking and vaping areas, others you can puff away whenever the mood strikes.

If you can vape where you want there are a few things to remember though - you don’t want to be that person. While vapor might be less obnoxious smelling that cigarette smoke, if you’re in an open space, vape away, but try and avoid blowing clouds in anyone’s face. If you’re in a dance tent though, it’s usually best to save the e-cig for when you’re outside. It gets hazy enough in doors with the smoke machines as is.

Vape safety - keep them in good condition:

If you’re going on a weekend long festival (or longer), remember that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Apply that to all aspects of your time there. Your vape needs to stay in good enough condition to last you and there are a few things you can do to keep it in good working order. First of all, it’s not ideal to keep it in your pocket. You don’t want to be wary of it falling out of your pocket when you’re in the mosh pit. It’s a good idea to put it in a backpack, fanny pack or just hold onto it (and don’t let go when you’re dancing). Another good idea is to keep it in a ziploc bag when you’re not using it - that way, rain or dust can’t get into the mechanisms and you won’t end up with a gunky vape.

It’s also a good idea to take a few bits to clean your vape. Some kitchen roll (or toilet paper at a pinch) and some Q-tips are ideal. Especially handy for when you need to change a coil or accidentally dropped your vape in the dirt.

Things you need to take with you:

Most of the time, once you’re in, you’re a captive market. Aside from expensive food stalls, $10 beers and overpriced merch, shopping at festivals is usually pretty limited. You won’t find a vape shop to top up on essentials so avoid the Fyre festival levels of organizational disaster and make sure you go in prepared. Here’s a few of the basics we recommend you take:

Spare pods (if you have a pod kit):

Regardless of whether you have a Juul or something a little more alternative, make sure you take enough pods in. Because a lot of pods are single use, they’re practically currency when you get into a festival. You don’t want to be that person offering to pay an extortionate amount for someones spares. Taking more than you need is better than having not-quite-enough. The other option is to get an open pod vape that means you can refill them instead of throwing them away. You’ll save yourself money and leave less trash behind by the end of the festival.

Spare e-liquid:

You probably won’t be able to get it while you’re in there, so make sure you take plenty in. Whether it’s a short fill or a bunch of nic salts, so whatever your preference, bulk buy e-liquid before you go. You’ll also get bonus festival points when you get the inevitable person wandering around asking for more juice and you’re there, bottle in hand to top them up.

A spare glass tank (if you have a regular vape).

Drops happen. Especially when you’ve been

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a) on it for days

b) you’re exhausted from throwing shapes or

c) all of the above.

You might have everything else you could possibly need but if your tank is cracked, you’ll be vape-less for the rest of your time there. They don’t cost a lot but will save you a world of disappointment if you’re without a nic hit when you need it.

A power bank:

There’s no smoke without fire and there’s no vapor without power. So, take a powerbank. They’re small enough to carry with you, without weighing you down when you’re dancing and mean you can charge your vape while it’s with you. Get one with two USB ports so you can charge your phone while you’re at it. Most vapes have micro-USB charging ports these days and take no time at all to recharge (most you can even use while they’re charging too). The other option is to take a vape with replaceable batteries. Make sure they’re fully charged before you go, take them in a secure waterproof and insulated case. One a day should do you even if you’re a heavy vaper.

Spare coils:

The sun will burn you enough at festivals, you don’t need a burned out coil on top of that. If you have a vape with a tank, make sure you take a spare coil or two. It doesn’t take long to change and makes a world of difference to actually enjoying your fruit cocktail e-liquid.

A few recommendations:

If you’re looking to buy a new vape kit (or need something more “festival ready”) there are a few options that are ideal.

The Mi Pod from Smoking Vapor:

It’s refillable, it works with nic salts and it even has a lanyard hole so you can keep it around your neck with the festival lineup card at all times. With more liquid capacity and battery life than a Juul, you can’t really go wrong with the Mi Pod.

The Vaporesso Cascade One Plus:

Made by vaping giant Vaporesso, this one packs a massive battery capacity in as well as being a beast for producing more clouds than a smoke machine. It also has an impressive amount of juice capacity and (if you’re fashion conscious) it comes in a whole lot of colors too.

The Aspire Gusto:

If you can’t be dealing with changing coils or refilling liquid, the Gusto is an ideal option. You just need to swap out the pod and you’re good to go. The flavor range for the pods is huge, they come in a high nicotine strength and this kit is still small enough to be pocket friendly.

And that’s it. As long as you’ve got enough battery, your vape juice (or pods), a few bits to clean with and you’re ready to rave (and vape) with the best of them. 

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