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Francesca Lombardo Embraces More Subdued Electronic Music On Debut Album 'Life of Leaf'

A change of pace from Lombardo.
Francesca Lombardo

Francesca Lombardo has released her debut album Life of Leaf. The album is a bit different from her normal remixes and original productions.

It involves her vocals and live instrumentation, beyond just drum machines, computer programs and synths. It is much more subdued than the four-on-the-floor thumping club music you may expect from her.

She described it as a “mixture of all the styles I love. It reflects every aspect of my sound, telling my story through each lyric and every instrument or piece of equipment I’ve used. It represents me fully, 100% me.”

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The album represents a larger trend in electronic music where artists put out thumping club records for singles, but then explore more complex songwriting for albums that sometimes clash with their previous discography. Sometimes this works, but often the inexperience writing lyrics and songs shows through.

Lombardo seems comfortable on Life of Leaf, but there are moments when it seems to drag and the melodies can be a bit sleepy and forgettable. This is more of a listening record for time at home or after hours. These songs may not appear in peak time moments, but it will be good to hear for a change of pace. It grows on you with each listen and it is nice to see that only one of the songs is from a previous single.

A fun fact about the record was that it was SoundCloud’s 200 millionth upload. That doesn’t impact its quality in anyway, just a little fun fact you can use for trivia or can happily say didn’t go to a deep house remix of Lil Pump. 

Pick up a copy of the record here and vinyl should arrive in April.

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